Change is Good



January is a very busy and exciting month. I’m going to start it off by watching the Rose Day Parade at home with my family and in my pajamas. It’s a simple pleasure, yet one I have always enjoyed. In a few short days I’ll be heading out on an adventure. I know I should start packing as this week is filled with all sorts of errands and appointments; however, right now I’m just going to enjoy. Later, I can start packing.

In less than a month my life will be changing. Change is good. It challenges us, it helps us learn and it causes us to grow. As I once read “Without change there is no adventure in life.”

In the next few weeks I’ll be heading to New Orleans, FL, Cozumel, and Alaska. Why these places?

Well, all of these places are either important in my life or have people in them that are important in my life.

I’ve never been to New Orleans and I have a few friends who live there and a friend from Alaska that is going. So why not join in on the fun. I’ve got my flight and hotel booked and that is about all for the moment.

Then off to Orlando, FL to visit Casa Frita (it’s an inside joke I’ll share with you eventually). He is one of my closest friends. I can hardly believe we have been friends going on 10 years. I made him a promise the last time I was in Orlando that I would visit him and his family before his oldest went to Kindergarten. I always try to keep my word.

Then from there I’ll be on my own adventure for a day or two. I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve. If I had a bucket list most adventures would include animals. However, you’ll just have to wait and see what I have planned.

Eventually I’ll be meeting up with the ITMI Team as I venture off on my first ever cruise. It’s the ITMI’s annual Symposium. This year though it’s a “Seaposium” as we are holding the first ever Symposium at Sea. I’m excited and nervous. I tend to get motion sickness on the open Sea so we will see how well I handle this. I’m putting out some major positive vibes into the universe so hopefully that helps. I’m the Coordinator of Volunteers for this event and I love every moment of it. It is a lot of go, go, go. I cannot wait to see some of my favorite humans, reunite with some wonderful friends / Alumni, and meet some new friends and colleagues.

Then back home for a few days to recuperate from my adventure, unpack, and repack as I begin another major life move. I’ll be moving up to Alaska…in January. Many of you may already know and for those that don’t I have taken on a more permanent role with my company. I’ve been with them for over 5 years and am very excited to start a new chapter with them. So yes, I’m moving to Alaska in the middle of winter. I have quite a few friends that live there year round and a great support system which will make a move in the winter a lot easier. Though this won’t be the first winter I spent in AK.



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